Consolidated Storage

Andrew Carnegie famously said, "Put all your eggs in one basket – and then watch that basket."

At a logical level, CortexArchive appears as a single storage basket for all imaging content.

At a physical level, though, it consists of many independent storage replicas (copies of data) that can be spread geographically, organizationally (some in the public cloud, some in private cloud, some on premise), and technologically (block storage, file storage, and object storage).

With support for Bring Your Own Storage (e.g., SAN/NAS device or online object storage account), CortexArchive can take advantage of customer-provided storage mechanisms which can be colocated with the Cortex servers or reside remotely.

Consolidating storage for all imaging studies (e.g., radiology, cardiology, dermatology), reports and related documents results in several benefits:

  • Consistent treatment of all types of imaging
  • A unified view of the patient
  • Cost-effective – no need to pay for the same thing (storage system) twice
  • A single disaster recovery strategy with unlimited number of copies for configurable resiliency
  • A robust data security strategy where objects are encrypted with a customer-specific key before being sent to any storage device
  • More streamlined and efficient IT operations

Cortex Archive VNA as a Service: Consolidated Storage