Beyond Disaster Recovery: Continuous Access to Data

A modern disaster recovery solution should offer more than simple offline backup. Continuous access to the data offered by Cortex means that all your studies and reports are always online and always viewable, including when your PACS is down. Cortex provides:

  • A graceful strategy for access to data in the event of PACS downtime
  • An extension to the site's onsite storage capabilities
  • In the event of a change of PACS system, there is no need for a bulk data migration to the new PACS – all that needs to be done is to connect the online archive to the new PACS
  • Access to the data from anywhere with a browser through Cortex's web-based viewer: zero-footprint, no downloads required, lossless (higher bandwidth) or lossy (lower bandwidth) image viewing configurable per user

Cortex Archive VNA as a Service: Continuous Access