Cost Savings

Some of the ways in which Cortex users enjoy an improved bottom line:

  • Using a VNA for storage eliminates the cost of future data migrations.
  • Our service model frees our users from having to anticipate their needs and spend in advance. Cortex customers pay only for the storage used, and are free to scale as needed without requiring capital outlay.
  • Archiving with Cortex simplifies IT at a facility, reducing IT-related expenditures (and complexity).
  • Digital sharing with Cortex eliminates the cost of physical CD/DVDs (burning and shipping) and allows for improved outreach to external specialists and patients.
  • Storing all data via the same strategy allows users to avoid the extra expense of multiple smaller archives.
  • Bring Your Own Storage option allows for the reuse of existing storage devices that were already paid off or for the procurement of brand-new devices that the user can get using its own capital budget.

Cortex Archive VNA as a Service: Cost Savings