What is Cortex?

Cortex Archive is a clinical content archive for storage and management of data from many specialties. It consists of an image archive (VNA) combined with a document management system (XDS), master patient index (MPI), and web-based viewer to facilitate intelligent management of imaging exams, reports, and other supporting clinical documentation. Also included is an Audit Repository (ATNA) to keep track of who accessed what patient records, from where, and when.

Cortex was motivated by the thought that there should be a cost-effective way to bring the power of VNA, connectivity, and sharing to end-users without the expense and risk of complex deployment projects.

Enterprises may subscribe to our cloud archive, which is available as a service. Users who prefer to manage their own VNA may opt for an in-house or private cloud instance of Cortex.

Cortex is brought to you by Leafsprout Technologies Inc.

Cortex Archive VNA as a Service: Overview