Features & Specs

Cortex brings the power, features and flexibility of an industry-leading vendor-neutral archive.

  • Enterprise archiving for DICOM and non-DICOM data
  • Native storage for non-DICOM objects (e.g., DOC, XLS, CDA/CCD, PDF, XML, TIFF, JPEG, MOV, CAD)
  • Support for DICOM Web protocols (QIDO, WADO, STOW)
  • Extensible to proprietary formats (e.g., pathology)
  • Built-in XDS Registry and Repository
  • Built-in MPI for reconciling multiple MRNs for the same patient
  • Synchronization with PACS systems via IOCM
  • Localization of external priors so they are presented the way your enterprise expects
  • Zero-footprint web portal and viewer for access by referring physicians and external specialists
  • DVD/CD importer and creator with image and document viewer

Cortex aligns fully with the requirements of HIPAA. Security features include:

  • Multi-level encryption (in transit and at rest)
  • User authentication, role-based access control, automatic logoffs due to inactivity
  • Secure sharing of clinical cases with controlled expiry and access tracking
  • Flexible authorization policies able to align with existing policies within the enterprise, e.g., who can access VIP records
  • Built-in ATNA Audit Record Repository for keeping track of all accesses and actions undertaken within the archive

Cortex Archive VNA as a Service: Feaures & Specs